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From the Author
Thanks for coming along

I'm really pleased with how many of you guys have come to the new site ^^ I mean it, I do appreciate it. I was pretty worried, but hearing your feedback has made me feel a lot better. I wanna also take this chance to thank Eishiya who is super cool and put the site together. I'm hopeless at this sorta thing, I'd have probably been screwed on my own. Also they fixed the issue with the RSS, so hopefully that should be working for everyone now =) It can also be followed on Archive Binge ( made by the also very cool Respheal (It can be followed on Comic Rocket too but I've been having trouble getting the site to work for me at the mo BV)

Feels appropriate that Atty is trying to get back on track at the same time as us doing so as well.

See y'all soon.

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