Chapter 14 Page 22

From the Author

Estelle! It's been a while.

This lil bit here seems to go pretty fast... I just didn't want to spend a lot of pages on 'Atty enters a room'. So I tried to keep it as brisk as I could without him literally materializing in there.

Some people have been mentioning that Atty looks older lately. He does, you're correct. He went a lil' further through puberty while he was in that cave. Boys always seem to change much faster than girls... Blink too long and they've grown a foot by the time you look next. But this isn't to say he's finished growing. If you follow me elsewhere on social media etc you'll know he's still a pretty long way from how he looks as a full grown man lol. More's the pity. Adults are much more fun to draw than kids imo.

Things are rough lately. A lot of us are having bad times. I hope all you guys are well. Ah'll sithee later.

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